Our Approach

Greetings and welcome from the congregation of Rivers of Faith Church. We are so glad to have you visit us and hope you find your visit to our website pleasant, but most of all blessed, drawing you closer to God. As you get to know us we hope you will find us to be loving, humble and gracious. We have come to know God’s love and forgiveness, not because we deserve it, but simply because of His mercy given to us in Jesus. We seek to become a people who are humble before God and gracious with each other. We love to give praise and worship to our Lord, so feel free to join us as we worship the Lord. We reach out to the community through many ministries, including Prison Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Puppet Ministry, Street Ministry, and Dance Ministry, just to name a few. We believe through Jesus Christ one can get restoration and wholeness in places where there is pain, hurts and brokenness, and be set free from strongholds. It is our desire that you see Jesus in all we say and do, and that you would like to come back to join us.

Vision Statement

The vision of Rivers of Faith is to bring healing, restoration and deliverance to the whole body of Christ, equipping, strengthening, and enabling them so that they would be able to walk in their full calling with power and might, knowing the full power of whom Christ Jesus is in them.

Mission Statement

Rivers of Faith Church believes that we have been called of God to equip the body of Christ Jesus, to go out into the hedges and byways to reach the lost, broken and battered. We have been called to feed the hungry both spiritually and physically, to clothe the naked, and bring life to the destitute of the world.

Our History

On August 26, 2005 Pastors Yogi and Helen Hysell were called by God as a couple to start a bible study in their home. The bible study started with twelve people and continued to grow. In seven months there were over thirty people gathering at the Hysell’s home. Little did they know that, by the will of God, the bible study would be the start of Rivers of Faith Church. God opened the door to get a building on Old Clinton Road in March of 2006 and Rivers of Faith Church had their first service. After two years, Rivers of Faith was once again blessed by God with another building, allowing us to continue to grow. The first service at 209 North Broad Street was on August 1, 2008. Our next destination is our permanent home at 1541 South Eastern Boulevard. The building used to be the business of Jim Walters Homes. Our congregation raised $400,000 for the building and remodeling of the building. Wanting to be good stewards of God’s money, we set up a tent in April 2015 on the land while we remodeled inside and outside. The congregation of Rivers of Faith Church continued to meet for services on Friday nights and Sunday mornings from April 2015 to July 1, 2016 when we moved into our permanent home. Pastors Yogi and Helen are proud of the congregation for pulling together with fundraisers and bringing their offerings to God’s storehouse for the purchase of the building’s renovation, and all that put their hands to getting the building finished. The congregation is now raising money and bringing offerings to go toward the purchase of the land.

Meet the Pastors

Pastor Ernest “Yogi” Hysell

Pastor Yogi was “born again” on Easter Sunday in 1993. Being called to be a pastor, Pastor Yogi was licensed by Heritage university of the International Assembly of Pentecostal in Pennsylvania in December of 2005. Later Pastor yogi was ordained by Brian Young of Judah Ministries of North Carolina. He went on and continued his education, going to Bob Larson School of Deliverance in Arizona for two years. He later attended The Spiritual Warfare Academy in Tampa Bay, Florida for two years. In November of 2001, Pastor Yogi was involved in a major work accident which resulted in a broken neck. He was told by specialists that he would never work again, nor be able to lift over five pounds, but God had other plans for him. On February 6, 2003 Pastor Yogi was healed by our healing Jesus’ mercy and grace. That’s when the religion stopped and a relationship with God began. Reading, studying and applying the word of God to his life became his true love. Living for Jesus and doing everything he can to make his Savior proud is now his number one priority.

Pastor Helen Hysell

Pastor Helen Hysell

Pastor Helen Hysell was “born again” in 1991 at Oak Grove Church in Stedman, North Carolina. In October of 1992 she attended a tent revival held by Evangelist Marty Mason. There she was “slain in the Spirit” for three hours. At that time the Lord called her into the deliverance ministry. The Lord spoke to her saying, “You have gone to the school of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus delivered Pastor Helen of many things. She has always said that she needed deliverance more than anyone. Pastor Helen has compassion for those that need to be set free. She knows a healing Jesus. Jesus healed her of emphysema, cancer and a disabling stomach disease. After much prayer, in December 2005 Pastor Helen was licensed by Heritage University in Pennsylvania. Later she was ordained by Brian Young of Judah Ministries of North Carolina. For three years Pastor Helen continued her education with Bob Larson School of Deliverance in Arizona. She later attended the Spiritual Warfare Plus Academy in Tampa, Florida for two years.

Come Meet Our Pastors

Rivers Of Faith Church
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